Water Under The Bridge (2010)

by George Penroy

Gosport’s St Mark’s  (Second Edition - 2018)

by Roy Harris, illustrated by Valerie Currie

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George Penroy is twenty-seven and has spent his last twelve years as a junior officer in the Merchant Navy.  He has been at sea on oil tankers and along the watery way he has somehow, without too much planning or forethought, gained a wife, two children and a Master Mariner’s Certificate.  It is the middle of the swinging sixties but although he has seen the seamier side of many of the world’s ports he is still relatively naïve.  He accepts an offer from his employers to transfer to a shore based job in the refinery town of Abadan, Iran, and this is the story of his hectic first two years as an expatriate.  His story is a work of fiction, but it is based on some events that actually happened and places that exist. 

Gosport’s St Mark’s (2011)

by Roy Harris, illustrated by Valerie Currie

In 2003 a group of enthusiastic volunteers began work, trying to re-establish a derelict cemetery.

Gradually, it became apparent that there were many interesting stories to be told and this booklet is an introduction to those stories.

Nine admirals, eight generals, two baronets and many church dignitaries and military men are buried in St Mark’s, along with ordinary Gosport folk who lived and worked nearby.  The history and heritage of Gosport’s St Mark’s is recorded here for future generations.

This book has sold all its initial print run but is available as a Kindle Ebook download from Amazon at £2.50 .

Since the first edition of the St Mark’s booklet, a significant amount of new material has been found. This second edition tells many more stories as well as the background contained in the first.

The Friends of St Mark’s continue to work in the churchyard and, with the help of Gosport Borough Council, they have made the site an accessible, tranquil, place of rest.

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