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Kharg Press was formed in 2009 after many attempts to get a novel into print with a recognised publisher. Since that time three books have been published.  The first is a biographical novel and the remaining two are non-fiction. 

The books are written by Roy Harris who was born and bred in Gosport, Hampshire.  When he retired from his career as a Master Mariner he settled down to write a book on his experiences.  The book turned out to be a seafaring novel and was self-published with the help of The Better Book Company that specialises with helping new authors.

Books need named publishers and so Kharg Press came into being.  The name Kharg stems from the Persian Gulf island of that name where Roy lived and worked for several years.  The logo on the back of each book is a silhouette of the island.

The first book, “Water Under the Bridge” by George Penroy is also published as an e-book by Amazon Kindle.

The two further non-fiction books are both titled “Gosport’s St Mark’s”.  The first edition was popular in the Gosport area and several reprints were sold.  However, so much new information was discovered over the years that a second, much larger edition, was self-published in 2018.  This edition was written and published completely without outside assistance.

The illustrator, Valerie Currie (née Gregg), grew up in Lee-on-the-Solent and was educated at Gosport Grammar School.  She brought up a family in Gloucester and also had a career in banking before she retired.  Her life-long interest in painting has led to many successful exhibitions of her work and since 2011 she has added book illustrating to her portfolio. 

Valerie has her own website showing much of her recent work: 

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